• Priyanka.

    I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My TSH was 10.9. When my doctor suggested me to start my thyroid medication I really panicked as I didn’t want to be on a medication which I had to take for a lifetime. That’s where Sonal Came in.She asked me to try a lifestyle change and proper diet first before popping the pill. With her proper guidance and diet plans my TSH came down to 7 and also lost 3 kg within a month without the medication. I am elated and wish to follow her diets religiously and take on a healthy lifestyle.

  • Shruti

    After post delivery of my first son I really struggled to lose the postpartum weight even after eating very less . I used to feel tired all the time and being a mother took toll on me. That’s when I decided to take help from Sonal. She put me on a very nutritious diet which lifted up my energy levels and I also lost 5 kgs in a period of one and half months. I have started enjoying my newfound motherhood with more vigour and happiness.

  • Pooja Kholawa

    Recently the best thing that happened to me was the meeting of my old school time friend who has turned out to be a great nutritionist and dietitian. My weight loss program has always been my first priority but nothing ever seemed to help. After almost giving up all hopes i have now started seeing new rays and that is all because of the diet program given by Sonal. The diet program is very simple and I do not feel hungry at any point of time and I am not at all starving. The time taken to prepare the prescribed food is also not very tedious. I have lost 4 kg in just 20 days and again all thanks to Sonal. As suggested by her I am regular with my yoga too and I understand that must be contributing too.