BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. But very of them know the proper method to be like this. Most of them are unaware about their weight, height etc. But if they start using of BMI calculator then their problem will be solved. Some people always face obesity problem. They don’t know at their age what type of diet chart they should follow. Some people are always underweight. They don’t know what type of foods they should eat. Through this calculator, people can get an idea what’s going on in their body and lacking of their body. There are lots of people are suffering various diseases due to underweight, over weight and other reasons.

BMI calculator is a measurement process of body mass index. It is defined as the body mass and divided by the square of the body height. It is an effort to quantify the amount of tissue mass. It is cauterized that the person is under weight, overweight, normal weight or obesity.

People have different types of body mass index-


According the people’s age, height, weight- they are categorized in underweight section. As per BMI calculator those are having BMI range below 18- are called as underweight. They need proper diet chart. They have to take nutritional foods.

Healthy range

As per people’s height, weight some people belong healthy range. To know proper BMI, users can contact Sonal Chowdhary, a Mumbai based online dietician. If the BMI calculator shows the range is between 18.5 to 23.0 then they will be identified as healthy people.

Over weight

Due to in correct diet, incorrect life style; people are facing over weight problem. If their BMI shows the range is between 23.0 to 27.0 then they will be categorised as overweight person.


Over weight is like curse to anyone. But some ill fated persons are cursed with the problem. Their BMI range starts from 27.5.

Needlessly to say, result of BMI calculator will be different from the people of age 17 and age 38.Depending on the gender it varies too. With the help of proper dietician like Sonal Chowdhary, people can get their desired diet chart. Sonal Chowdhary is a Mumbai based online consultant and dietician. She provides so many healthy and nutritional recipes so that people won’t require to go anywhere. They will get everything from her. People can consult with her from their comfort zone. Users can feel free to contact her.