About Me

Sonal Chowdhary is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant based in Mumbai with specialization in weight management, sports and clinical nutrition. She is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach from Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education, Richboro, PA USA. She is also an exercise prescriptionist from American College of Sports Medicine approved Exercise Science Academy. She takes an integrative approach to wellness, and consults her clients through the online digital medium. She has a comprehensive focus on nutrition, emotional balance and creates customized wellness plans that work for her clients’ lifestyles.

She has a wide base of experience with metabolic diseases and weight issues. She has been able to reverse conditions like thyroid, insulin sensitivity and other health conditions with her strong clinical nutrition base. Her varied international and domestic clients are from many different communities, age groups and from different spheres of life. The digital medium helps them to get quality advice and consultation from the comfort of their home or work places and stay continuously connected with her.

She has also authored a book titled “Traditional Recipes for Pregnancy and Motherhood” published by Jaico. The book tries to bridge the gap between the traditional and contemporary and tries to convince the readers to reject the modern day processed food options depleted in micronutrients, and instead choose rich, traditional ingredient based diet for a healthy pregnancy.

She is also a health educator, a guest lecturer for colleges and has featured as a speaker in various health platforms in different parts of the country. For example recently in Delhi in the first week of December 2018 she was a speaker in the event Rasoi Queen which had 100 attendees. She firmly believes in empowering women by educating them about fitness and nutrition requirements in all stages of life.

Besides giving health talks she also conducts nutrition workshops about clean eating and how to balance hormonal health and incorporate healthy lifestyle as in today’s time most of the women are suffering from some kind of metabolic or lifestyle disease.