Traditional recipes for Pregnancy & Motherhood

This book is an eclectic compilation of 80 Traditional recipes from across various Indian States and 6 super foods which are very beneficial for the pregnant and lactating mothers. During this period lack of proper nutrition effects not only the mother but also the child.
It brings to light the viability of various regional and locally grown foods and aims an attempt to build a bridge between the traditional and modern by getting new mothers acquainted with the richness and wisdom of Indian Cuisine. It will not only just benefit the pregnant and lactating population but also all women who want to have a healthy and a very well nourished family.
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The Ayurvedic Kitchen

This book contains the Ayurvedic fundamentals and norms regarding food, cooking and seasonal routines and ways to determine your body constitution that is your Prakriti (Genotype) as mentioned in the various classical Ayurvedic texts. The Ayurvedic recipes in this book are crafted in such a way that the dishes are made wholesome, nutritive and tasty, yet conducive to the well being of the person. Every recipe is garnished with inputs from the vantage point of Ayurveda.

There has been a paradigm shift in our dietary habits due to globalization. Global foods and cuisines are now an integral part of everyday diets and preferences. This book, while focusing on Ayurvedic principles, also incorporates several modern influences, international cuisines and global ingredients, which are relatively easy to source locally.

This book is urges and helps the reader to make Ayurveda an integral, essential and inseparable part of their life to attain holistic health.