Programs Offered


Therapeutic Diets

If you are suffering from any of the lifestyle disorders like cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, uric acid or  hormonal imbalance (PCOS, Thyroid etc), bloating, water retention, acidity , constipation  then this medical therapatic nutrition is the best solution for you. As rightly said by Hippocrates: Let food be your medicine.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Traditionally women are overfed during pregnancy thinking they need to eat for two which is a myth. So all moms to be who wants to gain healthy weight for themselves and their babies then they should definetly opt for this program where we ensure you a balance nutrition which will make you a fit mommie.

Weight Loss/ Inch Loss

R u struggling to lose weight? Then this program is the right platform where your personal dietician will help you with a tailored made plan for your goals keeping in consideration your lifestyle and medical history because there is no “one size fits all” solution to permanent healthy weight loss.

Kids nutrition

All mommies out there who are having a tough time planning a healthy menu which their kids would enjoy then this program will give you guided approach with a varied menu inclusive of all essential nutrients.

Weight Gain/Mass Gain

Muscles are a very important component of your body which gives you a perfect tone, good strength and immense flexibility. This program will help you look more fit and lean and give you your desired body image.

Cancer & Nutrition

This program is about raising your quality of life. The benefits of following a healthy diet and lifestyle far outweigh anything else you can do for preventing and fighting cancer.


Program Features


    It’s a three month program


    You need to fill this questionnaire designed to evaluate your health risks and nutrition requirements.


    Based on your health assessment, certain test reports may be required. These inputs will be an important consideration, while planning your nutrition requirements.


    A customized diet plan is prepared depending on your preferences and availability of ingredients.


    Tracking your progress regularly and making changes accordingly.


    Assessment calls to discuss the findings and the planned approach. Easy access through WhatsApp for any information and queries. Timely reminders to monitor your progress.