With famous Hollywood and Bollywood actors making a lot of muscles for their movies, every fitness enthusiast now wishes to grow as big as them. But that’s only possible with the cumulative effort of an exercise instructor and a dietician to achieve the desired cuts and curvature.

Even as the trainer works on your exercise to help in building the muscles, real building blocks of those muscles are the foods which can be taken care of by a dietician. While external appearances are our benchmark, it is the internal body strength that benefits in the long term when we eat right. The internal strength lies in those muscles we are eager to pump up.

Muscles are an important component of the body to provide a perfect tone, strength and immense flexibility. And why do we need muscle strength? It makes those family outings and trekking or hiking adventures easier.  Thus a dietician needs to give a diet plan which supports the hours of rigours exercise and sports to create those lean muscles.

Muscles support the skeleton and enable movement. Strong muscles in the legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, chest, and shoulder provide a person with the strength to stand up straight and maintain a good posture. Strong muscles are also a great fat burning tool!

Strong muscles can have direct and indirect benefits on health. These include:

  • Ease of movement
  • Easier performance of work, everyday activities and exercise
  • Easier performance of recreational activities
  • Stronger tendons, ligaments, and bones
  • Decreased risk of back pains
  • Decreased risk of falls

A good dietician will never make the mistake of putting you on a starvation diet. Keeping your body hungry or starving has more side effects than benefits. When the body has no energy, it tries to extract the energy to function from the muscles, leading them to tear and rupture.  Those bingo arms, wobbly stomach or flabby thighs are a result of starved muscles.

Bodybuilding dietician and sports consultant Jim Juge says that nutrition determines your success or failure, “the diet is 65% of what you need to get in shape”.  Some dieticians recommend eating more food to make more muscles. While eating more food sounds like a dream, it doesn’t mean you can just start gorging on pizza at every meal. Food quality is just as important as quantity, especially if you want to build muscle.