If you are among those people who are slaying yourself in the gym, yet find those extra kilos impossible to shed, then it is time to look into your kitchen and change your diets.  Whether your goal is weight loss, inch loss, or nutrition, a customized diet plan is what will help you achieve miraculous results.

An ideal weight loss diet plan is the one which revolves around your palate preferences, lifestyle, economic background and medical history.  Another important consideration while getting a customised weight loss diet plan is your personality type. You could be the one who spends a good deal of time and money on preparing your meals and stocking your kitchen with healthier food options (and expensive) to keep you away from temptations and cravings. Or you could be the one who has time in short supply and does not like leftovers. Thus your personality, habits, and outlook towards food is an important consideration  for the diet plan to last longer and become a part of your lifestyle.

Before choosing a diet plan, unique to your body, ask yourself some questions:

  • Does your diet plan keep your family food culture and habits in mind?
  • What has been the basis of planning your diet? Who set your goals and how? Are you looking for a weight loss diet plan or a weight maintenance diet plan?
  • Does your weight loss diet plan take in account your food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies?
  • Does your diet leave you craving or hungry?
  • Has the diet been planned to keep your individual body type, fat percentage, muscle mass, BMI etc in mind?

A customized diet plan, for weight loss, inch loss or to fight off malnutrition should be based on the science behind food and bodies. Some dieticians follow the personalized approach of advising diet plan according to the fat percentage and blood markers, some group of dieticians follow diet plans based on the individual’s current diet and genes (five genes with the strongest diet-gene relationship and opportunity to manipulate with diet were examined)

Whatever are your goals, weight loss, inch loss, skin care or fighting lifestyle related diseases, the diet plans need to be customized, because diets, just like clothes should be tailored to your fit.

If you are looking for a diet for weight loss, inch loss, skin glow, intestine health or nutrition management, then this the place to be.