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 It is really you? is the response I am getting these days just after a 6 months “eat to reduce” regime. People seeing me after a while pass-by without acknowledging, as they fail to recognize, the best feeling for anyone trying to shed the extra pounds. And yes it all happened even before I could realize and without having to starve even for a while. This all became possible with Eatwise under the guidance of Sonal. The advise was to eat the right things at the right time, it not only helps you reduce weight but gives you the right energy and frame of mind. I think once you are under the regime of eating right as suggested to you by Sonal, you would find it difficult to go back to your wrong food habits, as it becomes your lifestyle, a life worth enjoying. It gives you immense energy and keeps you fit to enjoy your daily life better. I could make it possible to lose 20 kgs in just 4 month time (not to mention the 15 days trip abroad in between). The best part of the regime is that you don’t realize that you are actually following any regime as it is always customized according to what you normally eat (with just some tweaks) without any effort to prepare anything special, this makes the programme more simple and worthwhile and that’s how its becomes your lifestyle. As an icing on the cake, you are always allowed to eat whatever you like in between (at least once a week) which keeps your cravings fulfilled. The whole idea is just to follow the recommendations and the advise given by Sonal strictly for the first month, thereafter I assure you will fail to deviate from what is expected out of you (you know why, the results will be awesome). And last but not the least, I have not had so much variety in my food and to my taste buds as I have it now. One advise which helped me with this weight loss from Sonal was, if we have invested years in eating wrong, can we not invest a month to see what we can really accomplish, this was a life changer for me and hope would be for anyone reading this. My photo is enough to say all that I could not write. Thanks Sonal for all that you have done for me, I never thought I will be so conscious of my looks as I am today, my weight loss program has been a life changer in all respects.

My strong recommendation is that everyone should

One thing that changed everything was the advice that “it’s a matter of couple of months”